30 Days of Marketing for Your Law Firm's Social Media Accounts, Delivered Monthly

Attention attorneys in private practice who are looking to grow... 

Are You Ready to Stop Wasting 
Time and Money on Your Law
Firm's Social Media Marketing?

The Law Prophet Social Membership will help you turn your social media account 
into referral generating machine without spending hours creating content 
or ever wondering about what to post...and it works for any attorney in private practice.

The First & Only Lawyer Membership That Provides 
Done-for-You Tools to Grow Your Practice

An Entire System Designed to Help You Land More Clients & Generate More Referrals 

Create Social Media ContentThat Converts Followers 
to Paid Clients and Encourages Attorney Referrals

Are you ready to have professionally designed and strategized, custom-made marketing materials delivered to your inbox every single month? At a fraction of the cost of hiring a marketing firm or even a social media manager.

Plus, with our one-of-a-kind Strategic Interview Assistant technology, you ensure that your content isn’t just a generic Google search response about the kind of law you practice. 

 Our proprietary technology allows you to spend less than 15 minutes of your precious time answering a few questions each month. You can then pass the entire file off to your assistant for a uniquely curated and branded strategy. Less than 15 minutes of your expertise is needed, and your social media marketing effort is done for the month.

What You'll Receive Every Month as a Member

  • Instagram Feed Posts and Matching Stories: 20 brand new Canva templates delivered every month so you, or your assistant, can batch and schedule your content easily and quickly. Our templates ensure that you're creating content that educates, inspires, entertains, builds trust, connection and engagement and positions you as the expert in your practice area. 
  • ​​Reels and TikTok Video Prompts: Weekly video prompts to help you follow trends and gain new followers. Links to trending audio, inspiration posts and hook ideas created specifically for attorneys.
  • White Label Practice Area Articles: Establish credibility, authority, and become the trusted source for legal advice among your followers.
  • ​Pre-Written Caption Starters & Hashtags for Each Template: No more hemming and hawing over what to write. Our pre-written caption starters allow you to do in five minutes what takes other attorneys hours or even days to think up. Never deal with writer's block again! Plus, hashtags for each template to help new followers like potential clients and referral sources find your page. 
  • Hashtag sets for each template: Because our monthly membership content drops fresh each month, you’ll have up-to-date strategic hashtags to get more eyes on your grid
  • ​Holiday & Seasonal Posts: Batch ahead of time with holiday and seasonal templates and still show up for your audience on special occasions and time off.
  • White Label Practice Area Library: Establish credibility, authority, and become the trusted source for legal advice among your followers.
  • Comes in 10 color palettes: Choose one or play with multiple palettes, the choice is yours!
  • Built-in pro tips to take your marketing to the next level: We’ll stay current on social media trends so you don’t have to lift a finger to get noticed and look good.
  • An Entire Module & Tools Created Entirely for Your Marketing Assistant: Let your marketing assistant do the heavy lifting for you. We've invented a top-secret method for your assistant to create killer content, and it will take less than 15 minutes of your time. 
  • ​Step-by-Step Instructions: Our membership is literally the struggle-free marketing partner you never thought existed. No guesswork, ever.
  • ​Holiday & Seasonal Posts: Batch ahead of time with holiday and seasonal templates and still show up for your audience on special occasions and time off.
  • Comes in 10 color palettes: The templates are ready to go the minute you order. Just select one of our 10 custom color palettes, customize them to your liking, and share! Want to create your own palette? Our simple guide will tell you how. 
  • Built-in pro tips to take your marketing to the next level: We’ve included video tutorials to hold your hand every step of the way, including our pro tips for taking your marketing to the next level.

Matching Instagram Stories Templates

We’re covering every detail of your social media presence by 
bringing you branded assets everywhere you show up on the platform. 
We’re covering every detail of your social media presence by bringing you branded assets everywhere you show up on the platform. 

Never Wonder What To Post Again

What Makes Our Product Different?

Templates with video backgrounds are guaranteed to help you stand out and stop the scroll. 
In 2021, Instagram announced that it was no longer a photo app, but a video and entertainment platform. 
With our video background templates, the algorithm will absolutely love you! 
Our templates are designed for lawyers in private practice.  They're perfect for 
criminal defense, personal injury, family law, estate planning, and immigration law firms.

Built-In Marketing Strategies

  • Builds your list: The best way to grow your business is to grow your following. We’ll help you do just that with next-level strategies.
  • Unique designs, no cliché lawyer marketing: Our templates are designed with one goal in mind: to be scroll-stopping, pattern interrupting, and attention grabbing to get more eyes on your business.
  • Encourages engagement: Never run out of ideas for calls to action and engaging content.
  • Positions you as an expert: New strategies every month designed to build credibility and authority while still being approachable and real.
  • Attracts your ideal client: Ensure that you’re building a following of dream clients with our built-in strategies.
  • ​Encourages referrals: We’ve covered all the bases to help you grow your business, including strategies to encourage referrals.
  • Social Proof to help you land more clients: It’s not what you say but how you say it. We’ll show you how to craft testimonials and social proof that instantly builds trust with new followers.
  • Builds trust & creates connection with your audience: Our strategies are designed to build the relationship with your audience and make ideal clients feel seen and heard.
  • Provides true value to your followers: No fluff here. Just value all month, every month.


  • ​You prefer to listen to theories and strategy on lawyer webinars, not use tools to actually get things accomplished. 
  • ​You don't think it's important to show up on social media consistently.
  • ​You don't believe that Instagram can be a huge source of referrals and revenue.
  • ​You want boring and cliché "lawyer" marketing.
  • ​Want your marketing delivered to you 100% ready to post. We did most of the heavy-lifting for you, but you WILL need to customize our templates with your firm's information.


  • You’re looking for done-for-you tools so you can change the way you do business RIGHT NOW
  • ​You’d like to get referrals on autopilot while you’re out enjoying your life
  • ​You want to work smarter, not harder.
  • ​You want to spend less time doing in-person networking and more time with family and friends
  • ​You’re ready to be found by your dream clients.
  • You believe that effective marketing is the key to getting more clients.
  • ​You don’t feel the need to hide from jurors, clients, or leads because you’re proud of what you do and why you do it.
  • ​You want your brand to stand out and be unique.
  • ​You enjoy bettering your community and helping people who legitimately need help.
  • You care deeply about your work and your clients.
  • You're willing to do the work to create a business that reflects your core values and passions.
  • ​You’re ready to simplify and streamline your life
  • ​You'd like to spend less time listening to webinars that offer theory, and more time taking actionable steps to get things done

Important Information

As soon as you join our membership, you’ll have instant access to our online portal. Every month, a new social media marketing bundle will be dropped inside the membership area. With our one-of-a-kind Strategic Interview Assistant technology, you’ll spend less than 15 minutes per month answering a few questions and can pass the rest of the workload off to your assistant.

There’s never been a better time to capitalize on social media marketing. People are looking for referrals online, and social media is one of the first places they go looking for answers. Plus, our first 50 Founding Members get to lock in a special discount for the life of their membership!

Hi, I’m Nicole Barnett.

I'm the founder of Law Prophet and I help attorneys take back their time while building the business of their dreams without burnout. My husband, Case, and I run an 8-figure personal injury law firm in California. 

Case is a third-generation lawyer with 18 years of trial experience in both criminal and civil cases.

I’m the creative genius behind our brand with a degree in graphic design, photography, and digital marketing.

We’ve been married for more than a decade and have worked together for 8 years to build an 8-figure law practice…

But it wasn’t a straight shot to the top for us. Even as recent as five years ago, we struggled to find clients consistently.
In the beginning, we felt forced to take cases we were confident we could win even if the clients were an absolute nightmare.

We weren’t making enough money to hire the best talent, so we struggled to keep up with all the administrative and paralegal tasks ourselves. But one day, one of Case’s friends from college reached out to him via Instagram with a referral.

That case ended up turning into a seven figure win for us -- and our client got the justice they deserved. I realized we had a huge opportunity to grow our business just by sharing what Case was doing on social media.

And it wouldn’t cost even a fraction of what we would pay for traditional marketing or advertising.

We had been so busy managing our team, working with clients, going to trial, and starting our family that we thought focusing on our social media wasn’t a priority. We also didn’t want to be super flashy or look like we were showing off. I mean, after all, everyone in Case’s network already knew what he did, right?


What a wake up call that 7-figure referral was! This was a HUGE opportunity to capitalize on Case’s existing network for referrals!
Because of my marketing background, I could see the gold we were sitting on, even if Case was a little hesitant. So I took the reins and created graphics for his feed.

By posting consistently, engaging with our audience, and connecting with existing and past clients as well as relatives and friends, we were able to carve out our brand, develop trust and build relationships with our followers, and grow our business entirely through referrals.

In fact, once we started posting regularly, we got lots of calls asking for help for all kinds of legal issues. Which made it even clearer to us that Case’s network needed to be educated and reminded about what he does and who he serves.

It took some trial and error and we made a lot of (expensive) mistakes along the way. But it worked.

And now we help other attorneys build successful businesses without making the same mistakes we did…

And without spending a dime on advertising, expensive SEO, or pay-per-click marketing...

So they can achieve their dreams even faster without wasting time and money, and without the extended learning curve.

We knew we could replicate what we had done in our private practice for other attorneys.

So we started asking our friends and colleagues what was holding them back from using their social media to grow their business.

The answers were the same from nearly everyone we talked to… 

  • ​I have no desire to market myself on social media, even though I need to .
  • ​I don’t have time to be consistent with posting.
  • ​I don’t know what to post on social media.
  • ​I don’t want to brag or look like a showoff.
  • ​I don’t want people to think I only care about money and winning.
  • ​I have no idea what to say.
  • ​My account is personal, no one cares about my career.
  • ​I’m overwhelmed by social media and don’t even know where to start.
  • ​Everyone already knows what I do and who I help.
Part of the solution was helping our friends and colleagues understand that they don’t have to pretend to be something they’re not on social media just to represent their brand and business.

We believe that if you are the same person from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed, you’re going to do good things.

And because we only work with attorneys who have the same genuine passion for helping others as we do, we firmly believe you deserve referrals, and you deserve the life and business you desire.

Without struggling to barely get by and without going further into debt to get there.

The only other hurdle left to help our friends was to make it super easy and affordable to post valuable content consistently.
The kind of content that draws attention, makes a connection, and elicits referrals.

And with enough consistency to stay front of mind for anyone following you -- whether they’re family members, friends, acquaintances, other attorneys or past or current clients.
So I created a plug-and-play social media membership that literally anyone can use.

Regardless of social media savvy...

Regardless of whether you have a team or you’re doing this all on your own...

And regardless of whether you know what to say or how to say it.

Without posting pictures of private jets, and fancy awards parties.

And without needing to spend a fortune on professional photographers or wasting valuable time on video shoots.

  How much time will I need to dedicate to social media to use these templates?

Your initial setup will take up the bulk of your time because we’ve provided so many guides, manuals, videos, and resources. But once you’re set up, the templates and auto-posting tools we recommend make it possible to spend roughly 60-90 minutes to create an entire month’s worth of social media content. We thought of everything you might need to help you set it and forget it. And if you have a part-time assistant, you only need 15 minutes or less per month to get your content done. There's an entire module created entirely for your marketing assistant so you can hand it over to someone else! 

  What if I already have a social media manager working for me?

Excellent! Your social media manager can log in to the portal and customize the content on your behalf. It's rare to find a social media manager (maybe even impossible) who understands the legal industry but our products will help them actually create the type of unique and effective content you need. We will offer the support your social media manager has always needed but never had.  

  How is this different than hiring a social media marketing company? 

Disappointing experiences with social media marketing companies are actually the reason I created this membership! Even though I have a background in graphic design I was too busy running our firm and homeschooling my kids to post on social media. I hired a handful of companies and it was a terrible experience every time... so I created something the legal industry NEEDS. The problem is that, until now, there wasn't a single social media marketing company that actually has experience building, running, and scaling a law firm. They don't know the jargon we use in the legal industry and they don't know the struggles your clients face. Not only do I incorporate these things into your content, but I've also invented a top-secret method for your assistant to create killer content, and it will take less than 15 minutes of your time. Our membership truly solves a major problem in the legal marketing space. 

  What if I want to hire an assistant but don't have the time to train them?

This is a huge hurdle we faced ourselves when first building our firm. If you hire someone but can't train them properly it's guaranteed to be an epic failure! To eliminate this roadblock, we created an entire module and tools entirely for marketing assistants. And guess what? We're even training them for you!  We set up the online portal so that your assistant has everything they need to do your marketing for you. By the time they go through our video training modules and read through our guides, they will be marketing pros. We pride ourselves on being the first and only lawyer membership that makes your life easier rather than more complicated. 

  Can you do the posting for me so I don’t have to do anything on my end?  

Our primary mission is to help other attorneys create the life and business of their dreams in the most efficient and cost-effective way.  If you have an assistant or someone you employ on a very part-time basis, they can set up and utilize the social media membership on your behalf. We don’t offer posting services because it’s not in alignment with the type of business we built for ourselves. We don’t recommend outsourcing your social media to anyone you don't directly oversee. The social media membership is designed for you (or your “right hand”) to do yourself.

  Won't this make my social media page look like everyone else's?

Absolutely not! With our color palette options and the level of customization we’re providing in the guides and video tutorials, you’ll be able to create a perfectly curated social media presence that your audience will recognize as uniquely yours. Even within the first week of posting! Additionally, your content is dripped out monthly. That means you may be posting content for month 3 and another lawyer will be posting from month 12. The odds of being on the same timeline with another attorney in your niche and geographic location are very low. 


20 Social Media Feed Posts in 10 Color Palettes 

Stay visible and get noticed with enough content to post 5x per week for an entire month. Value: $500.00

Caption Starters & Hashtag Sets for Each Post

Each template comes with a pre-written caption starter build for growing your business. We’re even providing you with hashtags to get more eyes on your brand and attract new followers. Value: $400.00

Matching Instagram Stories Templates to 
Keep Engagement High

Never wonder what to talk about again! Show up in stories consistently and effortlessly with these templates. Value: $700.00

An Entire Training Module & Tools Created 
Just for Your Marketing Assistant

If you’ve got a part-time assistant, you can get your social media posts done in less than 15 minutes every month! We made an entire module just for your assistant, and we're even training them for you! We pride ourselves on being the first and only lawyer membership that makes your life easier rather than more complicated. 
Value $300.00...but priceless really!

Access to a White Label Practice Area Content Library

New articles added monthly in your practice area. Send them to your mailing list as an email blast, create free offers for potential clients to download from your website or simply re-purpose them into dozens of pieces of content for your social media pages. These are an invaluable addition to your marketing efforts. Value $600.00

Step-by-Step Instructions & Video Tutorials

Consider us your built-in marketing coach. Every month we film a video tutorial walking you through how to use your templates to maximize their effectiveness. 
Value $250.00

Reels and TikTok Video Prompts

Weekly video prompts to help you follow trends and gain new followers. Links to trending audio, inspiration posts, and hook ideas written specifically for attorneys. Value $197.00
Sign up now for instant access to your first month at 90% off! 
  • 20 Social Media Posts in 10 Color Palettes ($500 Value)
  • Pre-written Caption Starters and Hashtag Suggestions for Each Post ($400 Value)
  • ​Matching Instagram Stories Templates to Keep Engagement High ($700 Value)
  • ​An Entire Training Module and Tools Created Just for Your Marketing Assistant ($300 Value)
  • ​Access to a White Label Practice Area Content Library ($600 Value)
  • Step-by-Step Instructions and Video Tutorials ($250 Value)
  • Reels and TikTok Video Prompts ($197 Value)
Total Value: $2,947.00
Today's Price: $ 275.00 (90% off)

Membership is $1,485 recurring monthly after the first 30 days. Lock this price in today and receive the  49% discount for the life of your membership!  This price WILL go up when the founding member's launch ends. 

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